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PBS documentary about Islamic Arts this evening.

This evening PBS is broadcasting a remarkable documentary about Islamic arts.    It is called "Mirror for the Invisible", and it is highly recommended.
Check out your local PBS listing Friday night, and you might be able to catch this program.

The program is produced by Unity TV productions, which previously brought forth exquisite programs like "Prince among the slaves" and "Muhammad."

Here is some more information about this program:

A Documentary Film from Executive Producers Michael Wolfe and Alex Kronemer and Director Rob Gardner
PBS Broadcast in 2012 (Date TBD)

UPF is proud to present its latest documentary film, Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World. This new ninety-minute film takes audiences on an epic journey across nine countries and over 1,400 years of history. It explores themes such as the Word, Space, Ornament, Color and Water and presents the stories behind many great masterworks of Islamic Art and Architecture.

The film explores the richness of Islamic art in objects big and small, from great ornamented palaces and the play of light in monumental mosques to the exquisite beauty of ceramics, carved boxes, paintings and metal work. It revels in the use of color and finds commonalities in a shared artistic heritage with the West and East. The film also examines the unique ways in which Islamic art turns calligraphy and the written word into masterpieces and develops water into an expressive, useful art form.
Like all art, Islamic art carries with it the fundamental values and perspectives of the artists who created it as well as those who commissioned and paid for it. It incorporates the basic themes of transcendent beauty common to all creative endeavors.

Photo Credit: Gardner Films
Narrated by Academy Award winning performer Susan Sarandon, this dazzling documentary reveals the variety and diversity of Islamic art. It provides a window into Islamic culture and brings broad insights to the enduring themes that have propelled human history and fueled the rise of world civilization over the centuries.
Running Time: Approximately 90 minutes

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  1. A new propaganda imperative to foist Islamist taqiyya?  Islamic art is of course lovely, but but you fail to explain why Islamists destroy the artifacts, the temples, the icons of all the great religions that came before them?  Why does existence within the mind of Allah justify mass murder, rape, extermination of whole peoples?  When Islam was militarily and technically in decline and forced to compromise, the west was tolerant.  Muslim peoples lived in fear of military retaliation and reciprocated with limited repression of Jews and Christians. That is ending in this the modern era when Muslims found allies in Communism. It is a race between the Communists and Islamics to see who can destroy civilization in the most horrifying and evil way.  Islam was given nuclear power by insane Communists.  Immediately they began to recognize the possibility of total nuclear destruction of all competing cultures. Is it a mistake to allow Islam to exist?  I think the world would be a better place without Islam.  You can keep the wall art, just get rid of the insufferable murdering Muslims.

  2. dear Jodrik Hepfels (not your real name):

    That is astonishingly brilliant.  So brilliant, in fact, that I wonder why no one else has ever come up with such a brilliant genocidal scheme.  I was wondering if you have any ideas on how exactly to eliminate all the Muslims.  Do you suggest public lynching, maybe put on pay per view?  The good ole fashion nuking of all of them Mozlems?  How about some concentration camps? 

    Grow up.  Your hate is boring.

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