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Organization of Islamic Cooperation further isolates Syria

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, an international body of countries with significant Muslim populations, has voted to suspect Syria due to its ongoing massacre of its own population.   The uprising in Syria started out as a part of the Arab Spring, and has since morphed into at times a bloody massacre, at others a civil war.  The OIC represents a network of 56 states.

The move is largely symbolic, but still an important indication of how isolated the bloody dictator Bashar al-Assad’s regime finds itself today.  

At the same time, the lack of any desire for intervention to stop the massacres is likely to leave many people frustrated as to the lack of a suitable protocol to stop the genocide.

A revealing aspect of the tensions within the OIC is the political maneuvering among Iran (Syria’s only remaining ally) on one hand, and Turkey and Saudi Arabia on the other, as geopolitical leaders of Sunni majority countries.

The Iranian Foreign Minister criticized the decision by stating:  “"Before taking this decision it is necessary to invite the Syrian government to the meeting so that it can defend itself and so that participants can listen to its official views.”

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