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On Love, Human and Divine

In the day and age that we live in, the words “love” and “Islam” may not be too frequently linked.    
And that is unfortunate, because the Islamic tradition has a spiritually potent and aesthetically powerful legacy in which the love of God is seen as flowing through humanity.    

This tradition, called “the Path of Radical Love” is one that I have written about previously.    

And recently I had a chance to give a lecture on the connection between the love of God and the love of humanity, which is available here

The key teaching of this legacy of the Islamic love tradition, so beautifully embodied in the teachings of the incomparable Persian mystic and poet Rumi, is that the love of God flows through this universe like a cosmic current.  

Each and every time that we love another human being purely and beautifully, we place ourselves in that cosmic current and flow back towards where we come from: 
the God who is both our Origin and our Destination.   

In other words, Love is not an emotion, but a cosmic channel of alchemical transformation that takes what is base and “leaden” in our souls and makes it golden and luminous.     

I hope you enjoy the talk.   It takes a few seconds for the video to upload, so be patient with it!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this - it is very vital for all of us who are awake and aware of our common Humanity to continue to spread messages that unite us in universal truths and values that rise above any specific religion or political system of thought. Thank you for your work and for spreading the good words of the Masters who have walked among us to teach us these higher levels of understanding and consciousness.

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