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hearts ablaze:  releasing the divine potential inside

In a cool mountain night, I put on a few pieces of wood on the fire, and stood there watching them burn.   
Bit by bit, they gave in to the flame, and caught on fire.

    After a while it dawned on me:   the fire is from the wood. 
The flame is simply the release of the energy inside the dormant fire.

     We are like this too.

     All of us contain, in our very inside, immense Divine energy.
    Sometime we need a spark, an encounter, to release the Divine potential inside.    And then our souls catch on fire, giving heat and light to all around.

This is what the great Muslim sage Rumi expressed:  
The whole of my life can be summed up in these words:

I used to be raw,
Then I was cooked,
I am on fire.


May we be like these pieces of wood,
like Rumi,
catching on fire
releasing what's already inside us.

May every heart be ablaze.
Burning every all that is other than Divine,
Releasing all the potential inside.

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  1. This is so beautiful.  And it completely fits with something I wrote yesterday:

    I’m going to post a link to this there.  Blessings upon you for this wisdom!

  2. Beautiful.  Thank you.  (I’ve been a fan of Rumi for some time.)

  3. Wow!  what powerful images of such a profound truth.  Thank You.

  4. Ah-ha, we are to burn to release what is within. Omar Faruk Tekbilek told me, a couple of years ago, that we are all wood destined to the mystic fire, and our job is to be dry wood for it. Now it makes even more sense. Piece by piece the puzzle falls into place… smile

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