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Hateful (and can’t spell)

A Muslim cemetery in Evergreen Park, Ill., has been desecrated.  

The “hate Graffiti” has been spray painted on Muslim graves.
The graffiti reads:  “Raghaed Killer!”

That’s right.    The hateful venom is not just ignorant, it is also misspelled.    It’s not hard to spell H-E-A-D, is it?    

Then again, perhaps someone that would hate another human being simply because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their nationality, their religion, or their gender has other issues as well.

With such problems in their heart, spelling is probably low on their list of priorities.

May it be that the education that we aspire to for all of our citizens includes not just spelling but also the engagement with the fullness of humanity of all of God’s children, all over the world.

Tags: anti-islamic, cair, graffiti, hate, illinois

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