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God have mercy: #RIPShaima & #RIPTrayvon

May God have mercy...
Vile and violent murder of a mother of 5 in California.
She's of Iraqi Muslim background, and there are indications of a hideous hate crime.  She was beaten to death with a tire iron.
She had a name, Shaima AlAwadi, and she was a mother to five children, ages 8-17.     Her family describes her as a loving mother, and a devout Muslim.


According to the police reports, there was a note left on the body of Shaima AlAwadhi, which read:  "“go back to your own country. You’re a terrorist.”
his was not the first time that such a note had been left with Shaima.
The family had not previously reported the hate note.

There is a devastating interview with her daughter, here:

There are many reasons that many are connecting this murder to that of Trayvon Martin, and calling for seeing the xenophobic connection between these hate crimes, even between her hijab and Trayvon's hoodie.   This connection shows up in both journalism and web media, with hashtags like #RIPTrayvon and #RIPShaima.   
There are already Facebook groups calling for a rejection of hate-crime directed against women wearing hijab.

I simply ask that for right now we hold the family, especially the children, of this slain mother in our thoughts and prayers.
Let us mourn first, pray first, bury our dead first, and then rise to action.
Let us make sure that our action is wise, just, and in light of facts. Her death, and the suffering of her children, is more than enough tragedy for multiple lifetimes.

Let us make sure that we are not compounding the tragedy by allowing something else to masquerade as Islamophobia.

Inna Lilah wa inna ilayhi raji'un.
We come from God, and we are always returning to God.
Our thougths and prayers are with Shaima's children.

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