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Getting Beyond the Politics of Fear in America: Tapping into Love&Justice

This week, I had the opportunity to give a talk about the current Politics of Fear in America.   

While we talked about the increasing prejudice against Muslims, I also wanted to connect that fear-mongering to prejudice faced by Hispanics, the poor, women, gays/lesbians, and earlier communities such as Jews, Catholics, and Native Americans who had been discriminated against.

I do not wish to linger in despair, and was eager to move on to talk about the twin foundations of love and justice that will lead us out of this abyss.   

In addition to talking about Islamic resources, I talked about the ongoing legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King for us today.

You can watch the talk here.



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  1. All religions are equal, if understand words of religions through Acronyms.
    share ‘TRUE ESSENCE OF RELIGIONS’ To unite all,

  2. Another message of inclusive hope, bold thinking
    & unflinching honesty - would that it could be
    bannered across the threshold of middle America,
    not just in this heated election season but for all
    the years/decades just ahead. Thanks yet again
    Omid for your inspiration & insight.

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