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Forget about inserting God into DNC platform; give me justice!

Forget about the brouhaha over inserting the name of God, or the absurd insertion of Jerusalem back into the party platform at the DNC.

I want to see justice inserted.
I want to see equality inserted.
I want to see love for humanity inserted.
I want to see deep concern for the environment.
I want to see a real commitment to peace, a just peace.

I want to see a party that says we as a nation care about all of us, rich and poor, men and women,
old and young, gay and straight, people of faith and people of no faith;
and then I want to see us get down to work to make sure that everyone's rights are protected.

I want to see us as a nation acknowledge that we are in a position of economic privilege with respect to the rest of the human population,
and that privilege is not sustainable.

I want to see us get over illusory so-called friends (Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.) that just drag us further and further into the abyss of tyranny.
I want to see us abandon the deadly embrace of war machinery, and the arrogance of drone wars and Guantanamos.
I want to see a party that will genuinely stand up for something beautiful and lovely, rather than the politics of division and divisiveness.
I want a party that will be more than the better alternative than the lame xenophobic party of the wealthy whites.

Yes, Democrats, you have my vote.
But you do not have my passion, or my loyalty.

As one much more beautiful (Dr. King) said, we want to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of humanity.
That's what I want to see.
I know I am not alone.

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  1. Thank you!

  2. It’s “absurd” to recognize the fact that Israel’s national government agencies in Jerusalem are all located in the western part of the city, far from the green line, in land that no one other than Israel-annihilationists dispute is part of Israel?  Every other country gets to decide where their capital should be in their sovereign territory.  I have been hoping and praying for a two-state solution for 20 years.  When that happens, you can pick anywhere in sovereign Palestinian territory you want for your capital.

  3. hi Frequentwind,
    As you might know, it is not quite so simple.  The notion of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel is invariably bound up with Israeli claims about the “unified”/Undivided Jerusalem, including occupied Arab Jerusalem.  Read this from the perspective of people on the ground who’re working on achieving the same two-state solution you are committed to:
    Omid Safi

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