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Earthquake, sanctions, and the human cost

A powerful earthquake has hit the northwestern part of Iran.   The death toll is so far over 300, with thousands injured.    The devastation was felt across 133 villages.

The heartrending pictures of the victims of the Iranian earthquake are available online.

The New York Times reports that the rescue efforts are restricted to the day time, because the sanctions imposed on Iran prevent Iran from purchasing night goggles.    As such, precious hours go by without the rescuers having the chance to find and rescue people under the rubbles.

National Iranian American Council rose to the occasion with starting a quick petition to make aid material available:

Don't Let Sanctions Block Relief for Iran's Earthquake Victims

On Saturday, earthquakes struck Tabriz and Ahar, killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands more.  Because of sanctions on Iran, U.S. relief organizations need a license provide humanitarian assistance to the victims.  Please take a moment to urge President Obama to issue a general license so that these organizations can provide assistance to the Iranian people in their time of need.

It’s time like these that we remember that the political game of sanctions hurt real live human beings, not the political establishment.   

It is the families with loved ones under rubbles, waiting for night goggles who are the victims of these sanctions.  

What is our response?
At the very least, take a minute to sign the petition here.

Image is from Mehr News of Iran.


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  1. Pls help them!

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