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Bibi reveals how Looney Tunes is arming Iran!  Bomb Looney Tunes!  Bomb Roadrunner!  Bomb all the cartoons!

The minute Netanyahu pulled out that diagram of a bomb that looked like it had been taken from a Looney Tunes cartoon, I knew it was gonna be goooooood.

Thank you Lord!  
Oh thank you.

And then, amazingly, it got better.

He actually got a sharpie, and started drawing the "red line."

Jon Stewart, you can send your writing team home tonight.  
Yup, we're all set.    Thank you folks.

Boom!  goes Twitter and Facebook.  
A friend said to me on Facebook:  "When I saw him pull this poster up, my first thought was 'Let the Memes Begin.'"

Israeli meme artists were among the first to strike back with their wit and sarcasm

"Damn it. Bibi found the real source providing the secret nukes to Iran. Daaaaaamn you Looney Tunes!"

No, Bibi.   The world is not laughing with you.
We are laughing at your antics, at your war-mongering.   

We ain't gonna study war, no more.



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  1. If this subject was not so serious, I would be laughing. Thank you Omid.

  2. As usual, your attempt at humor is completely insensitive.  It’s no less insensitive than if a journalist in 1938 joked about Poland’s concern regard Hitler’s threats.  Poland fell to Germany in 1939 within 30 days of the invasion.  Eventually 6 million Poles died, 3 million of which were Jews.  But Iran with a nuclear bomb is funny for you.  Pathetic and shameful.

  3. hi Jack.    I follow the Jon Stewart rule.  I stop taking any person seriously who compares a contemporary person to Hitler, or 2012 to 1938.  Deal with people and movements on their own merit.
    And if you want to be scared about a nuclear disaster, worry about a crazy warmonger like Bibi who is sitting on 250 or so nuclear warheads, not Iran, a country that every expert says does not have a nuclear bomb.  Peace.  Shalom.

  4. You appeal to John Stewart?  Makes sense. My comparison was about the danger of not taking fascists regimes seriously.  I’m sure every moment in history, when one regime attempted to exterminate another, some “intellectual” made fun of the concern.  I hope this doesn’t turn out to become one of those moments in history.  I take Iran’s threats seriously.  If they had the chance I think they would end Israel.  But, again, based on your comments and art, the end of Israel is a joke to you.

  5. Western people should do some background check on Iranian nation. We are saving people. We saved Jews thousands years ago by giving them shelter, freedom of religion, and build their temple, and we will do it again if they are treated like Polistinians.

  6. Fatima! Yes, history is a good thing.  George Santayana wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  History matters, in spite of what Mr. Safi says in his response to me.  The people of Iran (and people from every nation and culture for that matter) are noble and beautiful people, with a great heritage.  The Persian, Cyrus the Great ended Hebrew exile in 538 BCE.  Persians have contributed great wisdom to our human community. Unfortunately, the current leadership and government doesn’t have a mission to empower their people as much as a mission to acquire a nuclear device and threaten the world in general, and Israel specifically.  But for some, the thought of this cataclysmic loss of life is somehow humorous.  And I agree with you no one should be treated unjustly.  Of course, the people of Iran are treated unjustly by their own leaders.  I pray and hope for the day when all people experience peace and justice.

  7. Hi Jack.  I am glad that as you say, you aspire for “the day when all people experience peace and justice.” 
    I do quote from Jon Stewart because I find him one of the more astute political commentators around today.  (not sure what that says about our civic discourse when insightful commentary can only be found on Comedy Central and some independent channels.)  If you serious about caring about Iranian people, then read this Time magazine that talks about some of the consequence of the war that Netanyahu wants—and virtually no one else does.
    In terms of getting a better sense of the tensions between Iran and Israel, and cutting through the clutter, look at the bottom links provided here:
    AT the end of the day, it is nuclear weapons in total that we have to get rid of.  A situation where one country has 250 of them already ready to go, and we are talking about wage war upon another is not ethically or morally consistent. 

  8. Hi, Dr. Safi. Thank you for your willingness to have a less antagonistic conversation.  I don’t disagree with you about the beautify and irreplaceable value of Iranian people.  I’m hoping you would agree with me that all people have infinite value.  I read both articles as you requested.  I have absolutely no doubt that innocents HAVE BEEN killed and injured already due to actions, aggressive and defensive, from both sides of the conflict.  I don’t doubt that many more would suffer if there was a pre-emptive attack coming from either nation.

    Where we might disagree is the nuclear intentions of Iran.  I request you read if yo,u haven’t already done so. 

    Also, there is the continuing call for the destruction of Israel from various Islamic groups and leaders including the Leader of Iran.

    So how is the world to respond?  How should Israel respond as they are being threatened by all (or most) of their neighboring nations?  Is this just a lie?  Is it just propaganda?  Is there no reason for Israel to be concerned?

    It is unthinkable that Iran would put their civilian population in harm’s way as shields to their nuclear program, but this is being done.  It is also unthinkable to put all “innocents” at danger.  Peace is so much less expensive (first and foremost in the cost of human lives), than war.  Yet, should Iran gain an atomic weapon I think the odds are in favor that they would use it, or others would use it.  Israel has had atomic weapons, but has NOT chosen to use them, when they could have.  To use them is insanity.  But to allow less stable governments to obtain them is also insanity.  Would you not agree?

  9. BTW, the Washington’s Blog was full of errors and contained very little objectivity, as are most blogs.  Also, we don’t need to see models from Iranian descent to see value in the Iranian people.  They are valuable regardless if they “have beauty” based on ridiculous Western media ideas of beauty.

  10. hi Jack.  I think where we are not communicating is this:  I don’t have any faith in either the Iranian regime or the Israeli regime.  I would concur with a lot of the criticisms of the Iranian regime (and have made more than my share of them myself), but I also have a ton of criticisms of the current Israeli regime, with its brutal and oppressive policies that endanger the lives of Palestinians each and every day.    I would go further than ” less stable governments” should not have nuclear weapons:  I would say that no regime should have them.  The way to get us there is by working on compliance, not having nuclear submarines off the coasts of another country (as Israel and United states are doing).  For every comment of Ahmadinejad talking about “wiping Israel” off the map, we can find other comments from Netanyahu talking about war on Iran, even to the point of influencing US elections and taking out commercials in Florida.    I wouldn’t by any stretch of imagination call Israel a ” more stable governments”, as the fundamental basis of the Israeli regime is an ongoing and illegal occupation.   
    I maintain that the path to peace will consist in what we have already agreed on, a firm commitment to the human rights of all people.   
    p.s.  totally agreed on the washington blog overdoing the showing of Iranian Jews and more fair-skinned Iranians.    It’s a common strategy by Iranians in the United States to appeal to a wider (/whiter) audience.

  11. ps.  for clarification sake, checkout this:

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