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Angelina Jolie writes on behalf of girls’ education in Pakistan

Angelina Jolie, who has long been known for her activism as a goodwill ambassador to Pakistan, has issued an eloquent letter on behalf of Malalai Yousafzai.   Malalai is the courageous Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban due to her activism on behalf of girl's education.

Jolie’s letter, an articulate and profound letter, talks about Malalai’s activism and the impact it has had on her own children. 

Malala is proof that it only takes the voice of one brave person to inspire countless men, women, and children. In classrooms and at kitchen tables around the world, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters are praying for Malala’s swift recovery and committing themselves to carry her torch.

Jolie is not the first celebrity to have stood up for Malalai.   Yet not all forms of calling attention are equally appropriate, or equally effective.   
Madonna had also tattooed Malalai’s name on her back, performing a strip tease in a concert to reveal Malalai’s name.    However, whereas Madonna’s antics seemed designed to attract attention to Madonna herself, Jolie’s letter is a cry of the heart to keep reaching out to Malalai and girls like her around the world: 

As girls across Pakistan stand up to say “I am Malala,” they do not stand alone. Mothers and teachers around the world are telling their children and students about Malala, and encouraging them to be a part of her movement for girls’ education. Across Pakistan, a national movement has emerged to rebuild the schools and recommit to educate all children, including girls. This terrible event marks the beginning of a necessary revolution in girls’ education.

Jolie has invited people to donate to a cause to empower women’s education around the world. 

The first pictures of Malalai since arriving in the UK have been released.   She still has a long road to recovery, and our thoughts and prayers are with her.

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  1.   To refuse to educate a child based on gender is an atrocity. Many,many women around this world have contributed a great deal to medicine,science,the arts, etc. and it was because of proper education. No one has the right to rob a woman of such a valuable asset as education !

  2. To not educate women is contrary to the proper teachings of Islam. One of the main educators and conveyors of Islamic knowledge during the early years of Islam was a woman, the Prophet’s wife, Aisha (R.A.).

    I myself find that being more educated will help me to be a better Muslim.

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