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A Sikh and a Muslim working through the grief of the Sikh temple shooting

In the aftermath of the horrific shootings in the Sikh Gurdwara (temple) in Wisconsin, we are being more aware of the interconnected forms of prejudice that today often have a violent outcome.

I had a conversation with one of the leading Sikh leaders in the country, Simran Jeet Singh, to help us figure out how to move through this period.    I hope you might enjoy reading about it here.

What made this conversation possible was that Simran and I already have a great friendship, so we felt comfortable pushing each other on the difficult issues even as we sought to comfort one another.

Simran Jeet Singh is emerging as a leading Sikh intellectual, and someone very much worth listening to, particularly in these difficult days.  
Also, see his astute comments on the connection between prejudice towards Sikhs as being related to Islamophobia here

I also recommend reading up on Wajahat Ali’s useful article in Salon on the connections between the above incident and Islamophobia.

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