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A religious response to Sandy

In times like this, there will be those who respond to suffering with absurd messages of blaming Sandy on everything from Obama to gays/lesbians to Muslims.

This column is not one of those responses.    
We are here are concerned with "The Least of These" (Bible, Gospel according to St. Matthew, Chapter 25), the poorest and most marginalized of God's children.

We continue to keep the folks on the East Coast in thoughts and prayers.     
My prayers especially go to the homeless, those imprisoned, and those in substandard housing who will be most directly affected by Sandy.

Many of us are fascinated by fantastic (though fabricated) images online, and here is one way to verify the false ones: 

The real question: Where are the poor and homeless?
What happens to them during such a violent storm?
What will happen to them after such a storm?

Do we dare look at the most vulnerable, or will we busy ourselves with looking at extraordinary images?
And will we keep looking for and looking after the "least of these" after this storm passes?

There is a suffering that won't be recorded and won't show up on images.
It's no less real.

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  1. God put us in this world to govern this world to work toward the spiritual vision presented in Genesis 1. In Geneis 2 we see the departure from this vision that is human history.

    The first departure is inventing a nanny God who will take care of us and benignly determine all earthly events. This invention is an illusion and an insult to our free will, God’s greatest gift to humanity. But we are quickly given an allegory that teaches us that we must grow up and confront and respond to the reality of good and evil in this world. Some evil - physical harm - derives from the planetary dynamics needed on a planet that supports: storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.human life. Other evil comes from bad human choices, individually, collective, and cumulative through history.

    Overall we learn we must “disobey” and reject our false idea of a nanny God and take responsibility for governing this world, acting toward a goal of “on earth” (Genesis 2) “as it is in heaven” (Genesis 1).

    God is present to us in how we create love among each other. God responds by giving us the grace to carry on, endure, invest, problem solve, accept joy, create love. ]God does not shield us from our responsibility.

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