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A Muslim’s prayer on the anniversary of 9/11

Today, and every day, I remember those who seek light in the very midst of darkness;
I remember those who work for a just though difficult peace when others have settled for a war as a default option;
I remember those who know that love is more enduring and divine than apathy.    

I remember the victims in the United States, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Palestine/Israel, in Syria, in Sub-Saharan Africa, and all over this small small planet.    

I remember the pain that entered this planet on this day, and I vow to be a small part of not perpetuating this pain.

May the God of All-Comfort and All-Healing bring healing to all those whose hearts are and remain inconsolable. 

May our remembrance on this day, and every day, be a step towards healing the wounds of this world.

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  1. Thank you.  I share/join your prayer.

  2. That was beautifully said.


  3. Nice sentiment.  But the fact you call Palestine and Israel the same place shows the lie of your belief.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Peace brother.

  5. I live in NYC, I was there on 9/11. I have tears in my eyes as I read what you write, but I agree with Keith. There were other ways to express this very human sentiment without invoking “default options” and “apathy.” The obvious choice was a direct, “non-demoninational,” all-inclusive “I remember the victims all over this small, small planet.” A pity you didn’t.

  6. dear Willa, thank you for your words.  I am was also in New York on that fateful day, and write these as a Muslim, a New Yorker, an American, an Iranian, and ultimately, a human being.
    Let me call you to see that the contrast between love and apathy is one that goes back to one of my heroes, Dr. King, who taught us that the oppose of love is often not hatred, but simply indifference. 
    And as to the distrust of war, that’s an old conversation….as old as the Biblical promise of wishing for a day when swords will be beaten into plows, and all of God’s children will learn to live together.  I will keep waiting and working for that day.  All the best to you and yours, omid

  7. A beautiful prayer, one that I will keep and refer to. Thank you.

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