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Dr. King’s Legacy, NC’s Amendment One, and Same-Sex Marriage

If Dr. King's legacy of love, inclusivity, civil rights, and innate dignity of all human beings appeals to you, vote against Amendment One.
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Beastie Boys Co-Founder, Buddhism, and Islam

Here is to all artists who tap into something deep and spiritual in their art, and use their platform to speak truth to power.   Rest in peace, MCA.
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Between Tradition and Authenticity

Rather than manufacturing a sense of tradition that often flies in the face of history and the needs of today, it seems much wiser and more compassionate to focus on how to live authentically as religious human beings.
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Idolatry of Theology

There are times that words about God are not merely insufficient, they become in fact veils.
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The hypocrisy of the “Why They Hate Us” rhetoric of Muslim Native Informants

The solution to the genuine plight of Muslim women is through solidarity and networking with the actual real work that is being done on the ground level, not by standing on the (Western) towers of moral patronizing, and elevating one’s own position.
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First words since…..burying a 16-year old angel

Maybe faith tells us not the “why”, but the how to move through pain and death.
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Nature as Scripture

This tree was alive when the Prophet Muhammad walked on the Earth.   This tree was probably alive when Christ walked on the Earth.    How does it change our thinking about nature, God, and ourselves?
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Rick Steves, the beloved tour guide, talks Palestine/Israel

It is precisely voices like Rick Steves that are most threatening to the establishment powers of the radical pro-Israel lobby [such as AIPAC], as they bypass their propaganda hegemony, and simply connect with Americans at a human to human level.
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Looking for one real human being

We do not live as a real and complete human being.   We have to become a real human being.
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Meaning of Easter for this Muslim

I write these reflections on Easter not as a Christian, but rather as a Muslim who comes to see it as the symbolism of the triumph of resurrection over death, and through God's grace, of ultimate redemption over sin.
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