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Beyond East and West—the Haghia Sophia

The Haghia Sophia is not so much East meets West; it is Earth meets Heaven.
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when dance is a prayer

The whirling performance provides us with another opportunity to see a tender, spiritually potent, and aesthetically powerful manifestation of Islam.
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The Sound of Paradise and the Face of God

The sound of Paradise and the Face of God come together sometimes. Not just in heaven, but also here on Earth.
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Alchemy of happiness (with John Lennon and the Matrix)

Happiness requires a "Kimiya", an alchemy: there is something in us that must be transformed to experience that salvation, that happiness, that joy, that bliss, here and now.
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“I love Islam, it’s Muslims I can’t stand!”

What to make of “I love Islam, it’s Muslims I can’t stand" statements.
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Sober talk on avoiding the nuclear showdown with Iran

It has been hard to find sober, objective facts on the Iranian nuclear crisis, and even harder to find policy makers who are able to offer clearheaded advice on how to move forward.     Until now.
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The woman and the road-crossing turtle

That turtle got to cross the dangerous road due to the selfless compassion of one woman.
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The Catastrophe:  The expulsion of Palestinian refugees and Israel’s founding in 1948

For peace to prevail in Palestine and Israel, for two states to live side by side, for a future of security and prosperity to begin in the region, Israel should not be afraid to recognize Al-Nakba, its forceful and violent explusion of 700,000 Palestinians from their indigenous homeland in 1948.
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Seeing Iran face to face

Would we be thinking about going to war against a  people if we could see their faces? Do we think about consequences of our actions for them? Part of the wonders of technology today is that we get an opportunity to "see" human beings all around the planet, and have a virtual face to face connection with them. Hopefully this can be a way to recognizing our shared humanity.
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Beyond Mother’s Day cliches:  Towards celebrating a Day of Care (and caregivers)

How do we acknowledge that there are some mothers who embody all these lovely qualities of love and services, that there are some mothers who do not?
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