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Bachmann, Kevin Bacon, and the Witch Hunt against Muslims

Senator McCain, in refuting Bachmann's witch hunt:  “This is about who we are as a nation and who we still aspire to be."
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Men and Women as equal in the houses of God

"When a woman enters a mosque, she is entering the house of God and she should experience the same sacred treatment. In front of God, men and women are equal; they have the same rights to practice their religion."
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The Palestinian Olympian

Abu Rmeileh, the Palestinian Olympian, will carry the hopes and the flag of his people, even as Palestinians continue to hold out hope for independence from occupation.
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hearts ablaze:  releasing the divine potential inside

May we be like these pieces of wood, like Rumi, catching on fire, releasing what's already inside us.
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PBS documentary about Islamic Arts this evening.

This evening PBS is broadcasting a remarkable documentary about Islamic arts.
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“America was never America to me…yet America will be!”:  A Muslim American reflection on this 4th of July

Somewhere between the hotdogs and the burgers today, is our resolute promise to make America be America—to all, and to realize the unfinished experiment.
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Navy SEALS taking target practice at hijabi Muslim women

We are not at war with Islam, the President Obama keeps telling us. We just train our most skilled soldiers to shoot at Muslim women.
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Israel deputy Prime Minister:  Israel Belongs to Us, the White Man

The Israeli deputy prime minister has stated:  "Israel belongs to us, the white man."
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A religious response to Jerry Sandusky: Compassion, victims, and monsters

I urge us to turn our attention away from the molesting monster, Jery Sandusky, and onto the many kids who have been hurt, scarred, and violated. That anger, while justified, ultimately proves poisonous to our own hearts.
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This ain’t working:  Time for a revamped model of humanitarian intervention

We need a different system.    The current system of our world community is not working.    We have a dictator who is massacring his own citizens, and the world community sits by idly.   The problem is that there are two entities that possess the power to intervene:  the United States and the United Nations.   Neither is able to do what needs to be done at an effective humanitarian level.
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