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the NASA Mohawk hottie dude is…(probably) Iranian

This sudden celebrity, the Mohawk NASA hottie, might save NASA.  Oh, and he's probably Iranian.
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Sikh Temple shooter Neo-Nazi, discharged from US army

The Sikh temple shooter has been identified as white, 40 year old, heavily tattooed, ex-army male with possible NeoNazi connections.
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remembering Hiroshima

Today, August 6th, we remember the 140,000 victims of Hiroshima.
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The best moment of the Olympics—Courtesy of an African British Muslim

Mo Farah, an African, British, Muslim athlete of the world has given us one of the best moments of the Olympics so far.
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Ramadan around the world

Ramadan serves as a great time to move beyond a narrow regional focus on the Middle East to a more accurate global depiction of the presence of Islam.
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for praying out loud:  Olympic athletes and public prayer

Prayer in public calls our attention to competing definitions of secularism.
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Illuminated Hearts, Sacred architecture, and mirrors

The surface of the pool reflects the building when it is still.    And so it is with our hearts.   When we achieve peace and tranquility in our own hearts, then our hearts become mirrors for God.
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What goes through our hearts at the sight of a murderer?

As I kept watching my own emotions come and go, I wondered:  what am I experiencing as I see the first live images of this killer? What goes through my own heart? Is it Anger? Is it Pity? Is it Compassion?
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First (religious) response to the insane shooting in Colorado

There are difficult questions to be asked about this senseless act of violence, and we will ask those questions later.   For now, let us mourn, let us pray, let our hearts be shattered for now.
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“Shame on you, Michele [Bachmann]!”:  The new McCarthyism

Chief Republican strategist:    Michele Bachmann "this is downright vicious and reaches the late Senator Joe McCarthy level."
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