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Everyday compassion for the dead—and the living

The monk cared not about what gender the deceased was, his religion, his wealth, his race, or his color.   All that matters is compassion, then and there, here and now.  
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Yes, the Republican Party Does Hate Women

This is what the Republican Party has sunk down to, touting the virtues of sons over daughters.
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God as the Light, and mystical reading of scripture

Reading God as light (and light as God) serves as a reminder of the range of meanings of scripture that are available in each and every tradition, including the Islamic tradition.
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Hateful (and can’t spell)

With such problems in the hearts of those who hate , spelling is probably somewhat low on their (or our) list of priorities.
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Organization of Islamic Cooperation further isolates Syria

The move is largely symbolic, but still an important indication of how isolated the bloody dictator Bashar al-Assad’s regime finds itself today.
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A little girl, a radio unearthed, and hearts quaking

I marvel at the resiliency of the human spirit, finding joy in the midst of despair. I am moved and inspired by this little girl, for her strength, for being able to smile.
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Earthquake, sanctions, and the human cost

It’s time like these that we remember that the political game of sanctions hurt real live human beings, not the political establishment.
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two champions, one Iranian, one American

We don’t see a gold medalist and a silver medalist, we simply see two human beings, two champions, coming together in friendship.  It is of the power of humanity coming together to transcend political tensions.   We should live like this.
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Getting to the heart of the cause of the Sikh temple shooting—and the solution

There is serious work to be done, both in the realm of policy and also in the realm of our hearts and souls.  The needed work “out there” in the society is connected and has to be connected to the necessary work “in here”, inside our own hearts and souls.   Yes, we need policy changes.  And yes, part of the solution is love.
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A Sikh and a Muslim working through the grief of the Sikh temple shooting

An honest conversation between a Sikh and a Muslim on the Sikh temple shooting
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