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Say anything to get elected?  Sure…but Don’t mess with Big Bird!

What kind of a sham is this that a candidate can make up "facts" as they go along, and they are not held accountable? But in messing with Big Bird, Romney has messed with the wrong bird. 
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Why Mitt Romney is wrong about a “Judeo-Christian” America

We need more than a President for Judeo-Christian America. We need a president for the United States of America.
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Remembering a young boy martyred on live TV, and yearning for peace in Palestine/Israel

Let us work and pray for the day when there are no more boys and no more girls martyred, and that all the children of Abraham come to live together side by side in justice and equality.
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Bibi reveals how Looney Tunes is arming Iran!  Bomb Looney Tunes!  Bomb Roadrunner!  Bomb all the cartoons!

"Damn it. Bibi found the real source providing the secret nukes to Iran. Daaaaaamn you Looney Tunes!"
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NFL Replacement refs and… Middle East Peace?

How can you be a credible peacemaker when you time and again declare yourself to be a one-sided supporter of one side?
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Seven Essential Points about the racist Anti-Muslim New York Metro Advertisement

The Qur’an instructs us to say:  Peace.   And then leave the ignorant hateful people to their own folly. As a New Yorker might say, you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.
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The Dalai Lama and Rumi’s spiritual message for the anti-Muhammad crisis

May we never lose out inner peace, even—and especially—in times that try the souls of humanity.
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Muslim scholars respond to the anti-Muhammad film and violent protests

Here's what Muslim leaders have had to say about the anti-Muhammad film and the demonstrations following it.
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How would Prophet Muhammad respond to the anti-Muhammad “film”?

Let us be worthy followers of the Prophet, the real Muhammad, not the figment of the hateful zealots’ imagination. It’s not just what Muhammad would do. It’s what he already did, over and over again.
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Another hate-filled terrorist attack on American soil—and why Romney doesn’t get it.

The way to honor the memory of these four little martyrs is to make sure that we as a society continue to redeem the American dream, and to insist on leaders who understand that the redemption of the American experiment is a task to work towards in the future, and not our past.
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