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a little less (presidential) religion talk and a whole lot more action

 I don’t want to know about the religious faith these Presidential candidates profess—or do not.   I want to know how that faith (or lack thereof) leads them to treat all of God's children.  
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Romney has Romnesia:  he used to support “full equality” on gay/lesbian issues

Mitt Romney's Romnesia in "forgetting" about his pro-gay rights stance to court social conservative votes
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Angelina Jolie writes on behalf of girls’ education in Pakistan

Angelina Jolie has issued an eloquent, effective, and culturally appropriate letter on behalf of Malalai Yousafzai.   
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Paul Ryan, and using the poor as photo-op

What's worse than not caring about the poorest of God's children?  Pretending to care about the poorest of God's children.
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Equal Opportunity Haters:  hating on Muslims, Blacks, Jews, women, democracy…

These Muslim-haters such as Yerushalmi also hate blacks, hate women, hate mass participation in democracy, and hate liberal Jews.  They are equal opporuntiy haters.
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Allah is not somehow the Islamic God to the exclusion of others.   It is simply the word for God spoken by anyone who speaks Arabic.
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Taliban shoot girl who championed women’s education

A 14-year old girl, Malalai Yousafzai, who has been an advocate of girls' education has been shot by the Taliban.
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The real Christopher Columbus:  a mixed legacy for today

Columbus sold nine year girls into sexual slavery.   Our histories—all of our histories—are tainted, combinations of extraordinary accomplishment with unfathomable cruelty.   If there is a way of restoring a sense of honor to Columbus Day, this repentant approach with eyes-wide-open would seem to be a necessary start.
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Republican Representatives:  Slavery a “blessing” for African-Americans, kill the prisoners, and kick out the Muslim Americans.

Something is rotten in the soul of America when hateful racists like these are elected to public office.
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The Lord Says:  “Love Thy (Muslim) Neighbor”:  Jewish and Christian Groups reach out to Muslims

New ads by Rabbis for Human Rights, United Methodist Women, and The Sojourners have tapped into the rich religious commandment to “love thy neighbor”
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