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Feed the poor, they call you a saint.  Ask why are there poor people… .

“When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint.
 When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.”
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Seeing Wars on Muslim societies as today’s Vietnam

Today is the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's historic speech at the Riverside Church, and the radical recognition of the profound connection between racism, materialism, and militarism, a connection that we are today desperately in need of recognizing and fighting against.
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Confessions of a Would be Muslim Reformer (sort of)

It would be all funny, except that as absurd as—I truly pray—all the above sounds, this is actually much of what we hear in today’s public discourse about Islam, from both wannabe Muslim reformers (who all too often have no grounding in Islam) to Islamophobes who repeatedly tell Muslims about the true meanings of their tradition.
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Bad News, Good News about anti-Islamic, Neo-Nazi European Racism

There is alarming news about the rising racist and xenophobic Islamophobic movements in Europe, often called “Far Right.”   Yet, there is some good news:  they were opposed by some 4,000 counter-protesters who rejected the rising tide of Islamophobia across Europe.
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God have mercy: #RIPShaima & #RIPTrayvon

Vile and violent murder of a mother of 5 in California. She's of Iraqi Muslim background, and there are indications of a hideous hate crime.
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These are all our children

Tragedy brings out the best and most beautiful in some, connecting their own suffering to that of others.   And in others, it brings out a vicious desire not for justice, but for revenge. Where are we going to stand in this age of children being murdered?
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When Americans Kill vs. When Muslims Kill

When Muslims kill, it’s Jihadist evil and terrorism.  When Americans kill, it’s “troubled acts”, due to alcohol, due to marital problems, or ... whatever
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Rick Santorum on Islam & on America:  Equal Opportunity Discriminator

The many Americans who are poor, black, Hispanic, gay/lesbian, non-Christian, women working outside the home, or Muslim, may not fit in. And those Americans who see America as a tapestry that is made stronger through our diversity will also feel out of touch and out of place in Santorum's America.
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The Iranian Adele

Funny how if we see through the veils of fear, and listen through the drums of the war-mongers, we see and hear our own children, our own humanity, wrapped up together.
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Why the United States has no moral credibility as a peacemaker

The United States's one-sided support of Israel leads to us lacking any moral credibility in the eyes of the world community in negotiating a just and meaningful peace resolution between Palestinians and Israelis.
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