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Why America is losing support in the Middle East—and how to get it back

We have a fragile truce now. Truce is not the same thing as peace. Peace (salam, shalom) has to be grounded in justice. Let us march purposefully, compassionately, boldy, towards a just peace.
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Four Points about the Israeli assault on Gaza

Here are four facts that are being deliberately and willfully neglected in the current coverage of this Israeli assault.   
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The enduring legacy of “Southern Strategy”

A new publication brings out the full context of the chief Republican strategy for using racism and "states' rights" as a veiled way of driving Southern Whites to the Republican Party. 
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Obama is no progressive:  A letter from Birmingham Jail to the President

The great love for the President is intertwined with a great disappointment so far in the policies of President Obama.  Now is the time to act.
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What Now?  Our Redemption of the American Dream

And as for us, the citizens of this nation, I hope that we can shatter the messianic dream of a one-man Hope and Change operation.    There are no messiahs.    No one person, not even one as brilliant, eloquent, and cosmopolitan as the President, will redeem the American Dream.   That responsibility is up to all, each and every single one of us, all of us.
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Justice, Poverty, and Sandy

The immediate response to crisis, any crisis, has to be immediate, un-mediated compassion.  Yet we are getting to the point where we have to ask some difficult moral questions from our own selves in light of Sandy.
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A religious response to Sandy

Do we dare look at the most vulnerable, or will we busy ourselves with looking at extraordinary images of Sandy?
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On Love, Human and Divine

Each and every time that we love another human being purely and beautifully, we place ourselves in that cosmic current and flow back towards God.
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President Obama’s message on the Muslim holiday of Eid

Michelle and I [President Obama] extend our best wishes for a joyful Eid al-Adha to Muslims in the United States and around the world.
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Getting Beyond the Politics of Fear in America: Tapping into Love&Justice

I do not wish to linger in despair over the increasing fear-mongering, but want to move on to the twin foundations of love and justice that will lead us out of this abyss.
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