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Foxworthy’s Bible Challenge


Southern culture has always been about the struggle of wives and preachers to domesticate the huntin', fightin', drinkin', and whorin' Southern male. One more piece of evidence that the wives and preachers are winning is the announcement that Jeff Foxworthy has been signed up to host GSN's new game show, "The American Bible Challenge." As in, I suppose:

Q. If you are told to exterminate the Amalekites, who just might you be? 

A. An Israelite.

According to GSN, the contestants will show up in teams representing “worthy faith-based organizations." Personally, I can't wait for The Southern Baptizers to take on The Tongues-Speakers, and for The U-U One-God-at-Mosters to go up against The Opus Dei Flagellants. Will there be separate leagues for evangelicals, Catholics, mainliners, etc.? With playoffs? And who decides which books to include? Oh, Susanna! And what versions? I vote for King James.

And how much of the Judeo-Christian family gets to play? Will we get to see The Chabad Squad v. Jehovah Witness Warriors? And what about the Mormons? Now that Foxworthy has signed on to the Good Ship Romney, do they get to field a team? And if so, will they get to be quizzed on the Book of Mormon ("another gospel of Jesus Christ"). Will the Jews get to pass on the N.T.?

The questions are legion. I can't wait.


  1. And which religious tradition get’s to choose “right answers”?  Maybe it would seem straightforward to create questions that aren’t subject to doctrinal interpretation, but I’m guessing there’s going to be some fireworks there.

  2. Nice to have a program worth watching… looking forward to it.. should drive the fascist atheists crazy.

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