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The Pro-Choice Election

If you want to understand why President Obama campaigned on abortion rights this year, look no further than the national exit polls, which show that 59 percent of Tuesday's electorate think abortion should be legal in all or most cases, as opposed to 36 percent who think it should be illegal in all or most cases.
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Catholics broke for Obama, evangelicals for Romney

The morning-after snapshot of religion and the election is that, as usual, Catholics were the bellwether. They voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by 50-48, and Obama captured the popular vote by...50-48.
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Evangelicals may cost Romney Ohio

With all eyes on the Buckeye State--which according to Nate Silver has nearly a 50 percent chance of being the tipping point in the Electoral College today--it behooves us to take a look at last look at what's happening to the evangelicals who constitute the state's largest religious voting bloc.
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Obama v. Judeo-Christian Values

Sneaking in a few minutes yesterday to do a conference call with thousands of Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom evangelicals, Paul Ryan averred that President Obama had put the country on "a dangerous path."
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Christians Switch Parties in PA

Four years ago, Barack Obama beat out John McCain by one point among Protestants in Pennsylvania, 50-49, and lost the Catholic vote by four points, 52-48. This year, the two groups have switched sides.
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Abortion Politicking

Thanks to Mssrs. Akin and Mourdock, Democrats have been attacking Republican opposition to abortion harder than in any presidential campaign since the Supreme Court declared that women have a constitutional right to abortion 40 years ago.
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Whose God Gap you gonna believe?

Ten days ago, I looked at a new Hartford Courant/UConn national poll and found a God Gap not merely shrunken from four years ago, but at a historic low relative to the better known Gender Gap.
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Religious Politics in Western Virginia

I'm in Blacksburg to give a talk at Virginia Tech on why evangelicals and Mormons have become twin pillars of the GOP, but the sense out here is that the evangelical pillar may not be as robust as it was four years ago.
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Mourdock’s misconceived answer

I've seen politicians boot a lot of questions in my time, but Richard Mourdock's explanation of his position on abortion ranks way up there.
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Ohio evangelicals on the move?

With the eyes of the nation focused on the polls in Ohio, it's worth checking in on what's happening with evangelicals, who represent one-third of the electorate in the state. And we've got three weeks of polling by the same company with which to do so.
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