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The President’s Contraception Misconception

Politico's inside story of the White House decision to keep the HHS contraception coverage mandate intact has Barack Obama coming down on the side of the mandate "by personal conviction," making "the passionate case that several million women--many neither Catholic nor rich enough to pay...
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Bishop Accountability

  In the year 355, as Christianity was in the process of becoming the official religion of the Roman Empire, the imperial brothers Constans and Constantius II issued an edict prohibiting bishops from being haled into civil court ("lest there should be an unrestrained opportunity for fa...
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Culture War Tuesday

Rick Santorum is the culture war candidate. In the past week, the culture war resumed center stage in the American political theater. Ergo, Rick Santorum swept all three of Tuesday's contests for the GOP presidential nomination. Q.E.D. Lest you doubt the minor premise, let's review. Th...
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De-mandating contraception?

So if (per PRRI's latest survey) a majority of Catholics favor the HHS mandate that all employers offer contraception coverage, and even favor it a bit more than the rest of the American population, how come David Axelrod descended from his Chicago mountaintop this a.m. to announce that...
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Conscience Clause

Critics of HHS' contraception coverage mandate have long since gained the rhetorical advantage by getting everyone, HHS included, to refer to any religious exemptions to the mandate as coming under a "conscience clause." As Mitt Romney put it yesterday, "Think what that does to people in...
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Founders Declare War on Religion!

As we ponder historian Newt Gingrich's ever more vigorous denunciations of President Obama's "war on religion," it is worth recalling the first time an American politician charged the political powers that be in the U.S. with seeking to "impose a secular vision" on the country (as Mitt R...
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Brooks v. Bethke

David Brooks' pomposity, if I may be permitted to paraphrase Mark Twain, covers the whole earth like a blanket, and there is hardly a hole in it anywhere. In today's column, His Opinionship takes a dim view of Jefferson Bethke, the 22-year-old whose video, "Why I Hate Religion But Love J...
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Postmillennial President

At this morning's National Prayer Breakfast, Barack Obama made clear just how pure a postmillennialist Midwestern mainline Protestant he is. He spoke of how we as individuals acting in community "help bring His kingdom to Earth." And he emphasized the connection between his piety and his...
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Observing Romney’s Faith

It will be small consolation for the anti-Mormon evangelical elite that Newt Gingrich captured the evangelical vote in Florida yesterday: The margin over the Mormon candidate was a mere two points...or maybe not. Anyway, if you want to see what gives them the willies, take a look at the...
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To Hell with Catholics?

Adding his voice to the chorus of episcopal outrage at the HHS contraception mandate, Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh accuses the Obama Adminsitration of telling the Catholics of the United States States to go to Hell. As in, to Hell with "your religious beliefs," "your religious liberty," "your freedom of conscience." And in the name of declaring pregnancy "a disease," and forcing "a culture of contraception and abortion on society," no less! I actually don't think +Zubik is unaware that American Catholics are already part of the contraception culture.
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