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Love them Great Commission Baptists

I think it's pretty cool that a Southern Baptist Convention task force should embrace one of my rebranding ideas and recommend that Southern Baptists henceforth be authorized to call themselves "Great Commission Baptists." Of course, as Jeff Weiss suggests over at RealClearReligion, it's...
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Romney’s Evangelical Recusants

The story of evangelical antipathy to Mitt Romney, Mormon has faded over the past few weeks with the emergence of a sense that Romney's opposition is really a broad Conservative Coalition. Thus, recent PPP state polls show that Tea Partiers, the "very conservative," and evangelicals pref...
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Santorum’s anti-environmentalism

Over at TPM, Sahil Kapur points out that there's a back story to Rick Santorum's claim that President Obama's "phony theology" has something to do with his attachment to "radical environmentalists." A couple of weeks ago, Santorum had this to say at the Colorado Energy Summit: “We w...
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Whose “Phony Theology”?

Rick Santorum stirred up a little faith-based tempest over the weekend when he appeared before the Ohio Christian Alliance on Saturday and declared that  President Obama's agenda is "not about you. It's not about your quality of life. It's not about your jobs. It's about some phony ideal...
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Lori’s Kosher Deli

As noted in this space, some Catholic thinkers have been favoring us with some serious theologizing as they make their respective cases for how to respond to the Obama Administration's contraception coverage mandate. And then there's the Most Rev. William E. Lori, Bishop of Bridgeport, C...
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Jews v. Mormon Baptism

I realize I may be the only Jew in America who feels this way, but if the Mormons want to perform provisional proxy baptism ceremonies for my dead forebears, abi gezunt. I write this on the first Yahrzeit of my mother, may she rest in peace. I'm reasonably confident that should a couple...
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LINfidelity and the White House

I guess it's pretty improbable for an Asian-American kid cut by two NBA teams to come off the dreary bench of the New York Knicks and push the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue out of the athletic limelight. (Sorry, Kate.) The real miracle is that the guy's an evangelical from Harvard, w...
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Inside Catholic Baseball

If it's done nothing else, the Great Contraception Coverage Mandate Brouhaha (GCCMB) has afforded Catholic Church-watchers an excellent opportunity to explore the fault lines within America's largest religious body, and not only between the contraception-embracing laity and the contracep...
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One Priest’s Perspective on The Mandate

The following comes from a longtime priest in the archdiocese of Milwaukee (links added): [Y]ou can guess why I am contacting you--this flare-up over contraception. I'm trying to look beyond the hyper-ventilating about "religious liberty" (poor Courtney Murray would turn over in his gr...
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Gleaning from Krauthammer

Lest there be any doubt that Charles Krauthammer has lost his brain, consider today's column. It's devoted mostly to savaging President Obama as anti-religious for upholding the HHS contraceptive coverage mandate (today's accommodation of which to religious concerns will be taken up in t...
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