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Mitt’s Long March

Mitt Romney did manage to win the white evangelical vote in a few states yesterday. The problem is that the states were Massachusetts, Vermont, and Virginia. In New England, where there aren't many evangelicals anyway, the electorate doesn't believe in voting according to religious identity...
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Fallwell’s Party

While you await the Super Tuesday returns that seem likely to waft Mitt Romney up to the next level of political paradise, I advise clicking over to Michael Sean Winters' essay on Jerry Falwell over at the New Republic. The essay offers the distilled essence of Winters' new biography of...
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Different Abrahamic Gods

How many Abrahamic Gods are there? Rick Warren, the evangelical megapastor with an irenic bone in his body, has for years engaged in seriously friendly relations with the Muslim community living in his Southern California subdivision. But a recent article about this in the Orange Count...
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Lori v. the Jesuits

In a thoughtful editorial on the Great Contraception Altercation, the editors of the Jesuit magazine America contend that the Catholic bishops are erring in both practice and principle by opposing on religious liberty grounds the Obama Administration's efforts to reconcile Free Exercise...
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Muslims in America

Those concerned about Islamophobia in America can take heart from The American Mosque, the latest study by University of Kentucky professor Ihsan Bagby conducted under the auspices of my friends at the Hartford Institute for Religion Research. Since Bagby's last study in 2000, the mosque...
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The Blunt Wedge

There's a species of genius in the amendment offered by Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt that the Senate will be voting on today. It takes the principle of religious liberty, which all Americans are honor-bound to embrace, and weaponizes it against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (...
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Santorum’s evangelical vote

Whatever you think of Rick Santorum's recent anti-snob, anti-JFK rhetoric, it didn't hurt him with evangelicals in Michigan. According to the exit poll, he pulled in 51 percent of them, up six points from the final PPP survey. What lost him the state was that non-evangelicals edged away fro...
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Burning Korans

It's not exactly surprising that President Obama should catch some flak for sending Afghan president Hamid Karzai a letter apologizing for American troops' incineration of some copies of the Koran. Newt Gingrich, of course: "We are supposed to apologize to those who are killing us? I don...
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Santorum v. JFK

 I guess Rick Santorum was so nauseated by reading Jack Kennedy's statement to those Houston ministers about his belief in an America "where the separation of church and state is absolute" that he couldn't quite take in what JFK actually meant by the phrase. Here's how Santorum character...
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Conscientious absolutism

Need help thinking your way through the religious liberty and health care policy thicket? Yesterday, the Brookings Institution released a useful guide, "Health care Providers' Consciences and Patients' Needs: The Quest for Balance," by two of its thoughtful policy wonks, William A. Galst...
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