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Romney’s Land of Lincoln

Illinois lynched the first Mormon to run for president, but 168 years later it may have sealed the GOP nomination for LDS scion Mitt Romney. If so, it will have been because Republicans in the Land of Lincoln are more moderate than their peers in Michigan and Ohio, big Midwestern states...
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Santorum and Opus Dei

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HHS’ latest contraception accommodation

When President Obama announced his first accommodation of religious objections to HHS' contraception mandate last month, the big unanswered question had to do with faith-based organizations that are self-insured. How could the administration require the insurance companies that (typicall...
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The Bishops Assume the Position

The best thing that can be said about "United for Religious Freedom," the new statement from the USCCB's Administrative Committee, is that it's not hysterical. It is, however, uncompromising and disingenuous. Let us count the ways. 1. "This is not about access to contraception, which i...
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Puerto Rico’s in America!

My bad. Contrary to what I wrote last week, the Missouri caucuses on Saturday are just the beginning of a slow motion affair with obscure significance for the presidential race. And lo and behold, lots of people will be paying attention to the GOP presidential primary in Puerto Rico on S...
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Santorum’s Southern Sweep

So why did Rick Santorum pull out victories in Alabama and Mississippi when the final polling showed him slipping into third place behind Newt Gingrich and MItt Romney? The answer, simply, is that the polls underestimated evangelical turnout. In Alabama, Public Policy Polling had the eva...
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Barack Obama, Niebuhrian Progressive

Gary Dorrien, the Reinhold Niebuhr Professor of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, knows his Niebuhr as thoroughly as anyone alive, and yesterday he gave a talk here at Trinity--where he gives a weekly seminar--on his latest book, The Obama Question, which makes a powerful case...
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Game on, Rick?

Maybe I've missed something that's been going on in Provo or Logan, but Rick Santorum seems to be the only GOP presidential candidate  since Herman Cain (remember him?) capable of generating some actual enthusiasm. The video by First Love is pushing a million views and as even my dyed-in...
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Hey, Mr. Postman

Today, students, we will consider the meaning and extent of religious liberty in our society by way of The Case of the Israeli Postal Refusniks. As reported by RNS' MIchele Chabin, dozens of Israeli postal workers have been refusing to deliver thousands of copies of the Hebrew New Testam...
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Poor Bill Donohue

Forgive me, but lately I've been feeling sorry for Bill Donohue, the self-appointed (albeit well-remunerated) defender of the Catholic Church against all enemies foreign and domestic. After Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua of Philadelphia died at the end of January on the eve of having to tes...
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