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A couple of weeks after the 1984 election, America's Catholic bishops published the first draft of "Economic Justice for All," a 120-page pastoral letter that fashioned Catholic social teaching into a stiff critique of the resurgent laissez-faire capitalist ideology of the time. "[M]uch of it reads like an assault on the Reagan Administration's economic, social, foreign aid and military policies," wrote my late father Leonard, who was then the New York Times' economics columnist.
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Millennials Abandoning Christianity

Dude, that's the headline I'd put on the new survey of Millennials from the Public Religion Research Institute and Georgetown's Berkley Center. Like, 80.2 percent of them were raised as some kind of Christian and now just 64.2 percent consider themselves such.
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Will Romney Have to Discuss His Faith?

South Baptist Policy Pooh-Bah Richard Land, whom Princeton should have taught not to pilfer other peoples' prose, had the chutzpah to suggest last week that any media outlet that set about explaining the religion of GOP presidential nominee-presumptive Mitt Romney (i.e. Mormonism) to its readers is ipso facto in the tank for President Obama.
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State Rules on Religious Liberty

It's not the respect for religious liberty is waning, it's that new civil norms mean that there's always going to be skirmishing in the no-man's land between church and state.
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Bishops Rock Religious Liberty

To say that "Our First, Most Cherished Liberty" is tendentious does not do justice to the latest missive from the USCCB. There's just so much to savor.
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Christian Theology v. Stand Your Ground

The indictment of George Zimmerman for second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin brings to mind St. Augustine's classic representation of human nature in Book I, chapter 7 of the Confessions.
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Rick, We Hardly Knew Ye

After Rick Santorum rendered his campaign inanimate yesterday, his communications director, Hogan Gidley, gave TPM the valedictory: “[Santorum] was able to further the conversation about life, about protecting the unborn, about marriage between one man and one woman. I think those t...
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Tracking the “religious conservative” vote, etc.

"Will religious conservatives rally to Romney?" asks RNS' David Gibson, and it's a good question. David canvasses the views of some religious conservative leaders and finds some signs of cuddling up if not rallying. But prior to the November election itself, it's going to take actual survey...
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Bad Douthat

The précis of Ross Douthat's new book Bad Religion that appeared in yesterday's New York Times Sunday Review is such a tissue of non- and half-truth, of historical misconception and ideological prejudice, that it requires an interlinear gloss to set the story straight. Here goes. IN...
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Bishops Up the Contraception Ante

The Catholic bishops' latest pronunciamento on the Obama Administration's contraception coverage mandate--a March 29 memo reported first by CNS and followed up by RNS' David Gibson--does a bit of an NBC to advance their anti-contraception agenda. Here's the story. It all began last fall w...
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