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Affirmation Conference in Seattle for LGBTQ Mormons & Their Loved Ones

This weekend is Affirmation's annual conference for LGBTQ Mormons and those who love them. With a theme of "Celebrate the Journey," the Seattle event helps to raise awareness of -- and joy about -- having a dual identity as Mormon and gay.

The event, held from Friday to Sunday at the Seattle Renaissance Hotel, is for:

  • Those who come from a Mormon background and who self-identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, same-sex attracted or same-gender attracted, as well as
  • Their families, friends, and allies.
  • LGBTQ supporters of other faiths or no faith will be equally welcomed.

This year's confirmed speakers include Marty Beaudet, Aimee Hefferman, Michelle Beaver, Adam White, Bridey Jensen, Tina Richerson, Bob Rees, John Dehlin, and Kendall Wilcox.

Workshops include:

  • The Answer Is Love: A More Excellent Way for LDS Families and Church Leaders
  • Identifying Our Strengths and Blessings as LGBT Children of God, Overcoming Fear, and Celebrating and Sharing Our Gifts to Bless Others
  • Working with Our Straight Allies for Marriage Equality
  • Creating Conversations with Church Members to Build Bridges of Understanding
  • Healing the Relationship between Mormons and Gay Rights Supporters, and
  • Many others.


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Beliefs: Mormon
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