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“24/6” (My Last Sabbath Post This Year, I Promise)

I have a confession: after boldly trumpeting here on the blog that I don't turn on my computer from Saturday night to Monday morning, this weekend I violated my own rule. (It was the Olympic Games, see, and I was desperate to know how the gymnastics competition was going, see . . . .) And you know what? I don't feel very rested this week. Matthew Sleeth's forthcoming book 24/6 (out in November) explains this emptiness, arguing that the Sabbath isn't a luxury but a necessity. Oh.
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1 in 5 Americans Now Says No to Religion

According to a Pew survey released this month, 19% of Americans can be classified as "nones," confessing no religion. People in the church have responded with predictable handwringing and frustration to the idea of secularization, while secular "free thought" blogs are crowing that the end of affiliation in America means the death of faith. Both sides are wrong.
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Women’s Gymnastics Predictions for the US Olympic Team

Yeah, so this post has nothing to do with religion. But it's the Olympics, people! As someone who has spent way too many hours watching gymnastics, I'm gearing up for the Olympics like it's a part-time job. Here's a viewer's guide to the U.S. women's Olympic gymnastics team.
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PregMANcy: Christian Piatt Talks About His New Memoir for Dads

Christian Piatt didn't want to be a father a second time. But when his wife got pregnant, he decided to write about pregnancy from a man's POV, resulting in the funny and honest memoir PregMANcy: A Dad, a Little Dude, and a Due Date. Here he talks to FS about the ups and downs of being an expecting dad.
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Why Aren’t Christians Pushing for Gun Control?

"Jesus was crystal clear on the question of whether violence is an acceptable response to violence, on whether arming ourselves with fists or swords or guns is the way to protect ourselves from fists and swords and guns." So says Ellen Painter Dollar today in response to the horrific deaths of twelve people. Why are American Christians so slow to question our society's knee-jerk protections of the right to bear arms?
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If You Want to Preserve American Freedom, Study History

In a majestically grumpy new book, social critic Os Guinness tells Americans something we need to hear: our freedom is in peril. The first step in safeguarding it? Study history.
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Digital Detox: 8 Tips for Taming the Tech and Enjoying a Real Sabbath This Weekend

You've got your iPad, your smart phone, your laptop. They're great, but how can you disengage from the pull of social media and digital life enough to enjoy a peaceful, old-fashioned Sabbath? Guest blogger MaryAnn McKibben Dana, author of the forthcoming book Sabbath in the Suburbs, describes 8 tips for taming the tech (even if you have kids whose cell phones seem to be glued to their hips).
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Do Mormons Experience the Same Prejudice as Blacks?

This week the Bloggernacle hills are alive with the sound of outrage about a white Mormon editor at Utah Valley magazine who claimed the handle “women of color” to describe the colorfully dressed but all-Caucasian females on her staff. What does this debacle tell us about Mormonism, race, and persecution?
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How Do You Keep the Sabbath?

As part of this month's spiritual focus on Sabbath-keeping, I've been thinking about what makes for "good shabbos." I get concerned when I hear the Sabbath presented only in negative terms -- i.e., what not to do. I prefer to think about the Sabbath in positive terms: these are the things that I get to do on Sunday. And some of them are things that I only get to do on Sunday (nap), which makes them special (nap). What about you?  
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The Mormon Pioneer Stories We Never Tell

With Pioneer Day coming up next week, I’ve been thinking about how Mormons tell pioneer stories—and all that we leave out.
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