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Why Be Grateful?

We’re halfway through the Gratitude Challenge for August, and I have delighted in reading people’s daily (or sporadic) posts on our Facebook page. Your gratitude has lifted my spirits through some rough spots this month. But why does this happen? What does gratitude do for us –- and for the people we love?
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Want to lose 80+ Pounds? There’s an App for That

My husband's dramatic weight loss over the last year has prompted a lot of people to ask how he did it. Well, here's the answer: Let's hear it for technology.
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The “Almost” Mormon

Jane Barnes's new memoir Falling in Love with Joseph Smith chronicles the filmmaker's not-quite-but-almost conversion to Mormonism. It's a fascinating read.
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The New Frontier of Digital Publishing

My new job as Director of Publishing at Patheos Press will take me to the cutting edge of this brave new world of ebooks. It's thrilling, but I have a lot to learn. Right now, digital publishing is like the nineteenth-century Wild West without a sheriff.
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Mormonism and the Franchise Model

Much of religion today runs on what Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove calls “the franchise model,” ignoring unique situations in favor of one-size-fits-all replication. I see this issue in Mormonism.
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Gratitude: It’s the Little Things

One week into the Gratitude Challenge, I find that we are generally grateful for little things. But that’s the key, isn’t it? The profound and the quotidian mix together in a song of thankfulness. Life isn’t all high mountains and deep valleys. We spend most of it simply wandering the plain, grateful for the simple pleasures of food and companionship.
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“Book of Mormon Girl” Author Joanna Brooks to Appear on “The Daily Show” on Thursday

My DVR is already set to record Mormon memoirist Joanna Brooks on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday. Well, actually, my DVR is always set to record that show; it's one of my favorites. I've blogged before about how Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have raised the bar in fair journalistic coverage of Mormonism, even while making us all laugh. I'm proud that Joanna will be an ambassador for my faith.
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When Hatred Strikes Close to Home

Today I am feeling sick for the friends of my friends who were shot yesterday in Wisconsin. When will religious hatred end in America?
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“Thou Shalt Remain Sexy”: Christian Women and the Perils of Aging

Rachel Held Evans's forthcoming book A Year of Biblical Womanhood shows that some of our culture's views on beauty and sex are not very biblical--and that this includes the church. Mark Driscoll’s views are only the most blatant of many opinions expressed by Christian writers that women must keep themselves sexy to “hold” their man.
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Take the Gratitude Challenge!

Throughout the month of August, I’ll be focusing on gratitude, one of the twelve spiritual practices I tried to cultivate in Flunking Sainthood. But this time, it’s going to take a village. Join us!
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