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The Truth Revealed! Michelle Obama is Really Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore’s not really dead; he’s just been reincarnated into the body of Michelle Obama. He dresses more stylishly now, and he has killer biceps, but at heart he is the same wizened wise man we know and love. Consider the following five clues from last night’s FLOTUS speech.
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My Husband Is Not a “Non-Mormon,” and Other Thoughts on Religious Exclusion

My husband is not a non-Mormon. Such language suggests that being Mormon is normative and everything else is Other, inferior, lacking. He is so much more: a pianist, an engineer, a home improvement nut, a Car Talk fan, a pun-loving wisecracker, and an Episcopalian.
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Mormons and Caffeine

Last night, the LDS Newsroom appeared to make a statement that the Church does not prohibit caffeinated soda. Today that language has been changed to something far more ambiguous. What happened, and what is the Church's stance on caffeine?
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“Gone Girl” and Other Great Beach Reads

Yes, I know it's not beach season anymore, but I am in end-of-summer denial, so humor me. Here are quick rundowns of five new summer reads: Gone Girl, Broken Harbor, Gold, Little Century, and Heading Out to Wonderful.
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The GOP Convention Gets Its Mormon On

After all the attention paid in this campaign to Romney's religion, voters still don't feel like they know the man. This week, the GOP wants to change that. Brace yourself for Mormon "Old Home Week."
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In Praise of the List

When things get crazy, nothing beats an old-fashioned to-do list for helping me regain control of my life.
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A Mormon Take on “Holy Underwear”

"Because Mormons tend to be regarded as square rather than as simply quaint, media commentators have less compunction in mocking their sacred clothing than they would a Jewish yarmulke, a Sikh turban, or the mitre worn by Catholic bishops," says GTU religion professor Robert Rees.
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What Mormons Believe (By Yet Another Person Who Does Not Seem to Know Any Actual Mormons)

A couple of weeks ago InterVarsity Press, one of my all-time favorite publishing houses, sent me a review sampler for its new release What Mormons Believe by evangelical writer Robert M. Bowman. Unfortunately, the flat, unnuanced Mormonism depicted (and condemned) here is an oversimplified version of a complex, changing religion.
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Conference Next Week on Mormon Women

Next week I'll be part of a conference exploring Mormon women's issues. Although it's being held at the University of Utah, it's co-sponsored by the LDS Church, which is an exciting step forward for all of us who care about the role of women in Mormonism.
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Can You Be a Christian and Follow Ayn Rand?

An affinity with Ayn Rand is something I came to expect from my atheist father -- who, inspired by her writings (and the disco-era bestseller Looking Out for Number One), emptied our family's bank account, abandoned his children, and drove off into the sunset to "self-actualize" in 1984. But it troubles me deeply to hear fellow Christians try to reconcile Rand's utter selfishness with the teachings of Jesus.
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