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Lauren Winner on Doubt and the Christian Faith, Part 1

In Girl Meets God, Lauren Winner told an optimistic story of converting from Orthodox Judaism to Anglican Christianity. But her new book Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis wrestles with demons, doubt, and a more grown-up faith. (Part 1 of a 2-part interview.)
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How Far Will the LDS Church Go in Cracking Down on Racism?

Yesterday, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made an unprecedented and welcome public statement that repudiated a BYU professor's false folk theology about race. But when will it purge its curriculum of racist ideas?
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Whatever Happened to the Shakers?

On Ann Lee's birthday, let's pause to celebrate her life and the Shaker movement she founded -- which has all but disappeared.
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4 Great Posts about Lent

Great blog posts from Nadia Bolz-Weber, Patrick Mason, Heidi Schlumpf and Eugene Cho have provided me with good Lenten food for thought this week.
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Taste and See: A Spiritual Retreat for Cincinnati Women

There are still some spots open for the women's retreat I'm leading on spiritual practice on March 9 and 10. We'll be drawing from Marjorie Thompson's excellent book Soul Feast (which you do not have to read beforehand) and trying our hands at a few spiritual disciplines.
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John Fea’s “Was America Founded As a Christian Nation?” Nominated for George Washington Book Prize

Forgive me if I am kvelling today like a proud mama. John Fea's WJK book Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? has been selected as one of this year's three finalists for the George Washington book prize in American history. As his editor, I am ridiculously proud.  
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Three Things I Wish Non-Mormons Knew about LDS Baptism for the Dead

The LDS Church has cracked down (again) on Mormons who recently baptized Anne Frank (again).  If the LDS Church's policy against baptizing Holocaust victims has been officially stated and reiterated since 1995, why do some Mormons not seem to get the memo?
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Thank God Downton Abbey’s Over, Because I’m Giving up TV for Lent . . . .

It's Lent again. Do you know where your will power is?
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5 Mormon Studies Conferences

It's certainly a hot time to be doing Mormon Studies. In the next six weeks there are five conferences happening around the country that folks might want to check out. Here is a basic rundown of events, dates, and speakers.
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Women & Memoir with Lauren Winner & Sarah Sentilles

This week it's been my pleasure to be in an online discussion about writing with fellow Christian memoirists Lauren Winner and Sarah Sentilles. Must feminists write feminist books? And how vulnerable is too vulnerable? Where is the TMI Line?
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