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Mormons and Homophobia; Mormons and Gay Pride

In the last two years I've discerned a palpable shift in overall Mormon attitudes about homosexuality. Alongside greater acceptance in society, there's been increasing openness in our church, as seen in yesterday's well-attended Gay Pride March in Salt Lake City. But judging from the way homosexuality is still treated in the Church Handbook of Instruction, we have a significant way to go.
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Finishing the Old Testament!

I'm filled with gratitude for the wild, weird, and wonderful Old Testament that I've gotten to know better as I've done the Twible project over the last couple years. I'm also filled with gratitude that I'm done. And God never did strike me with lightning.
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Talkin’ Bout My Generation (and Religion)

Amidst all the attention being paid to the rise of the "nones" among Millennials, a new study suggests that 40-somethings are also disaffiliating at a surprising rate. According to yesterday's Washington Post, Gen Xers are becoming less religious (and less Republican) as they've aged.
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Where Is Mormon Joy?

To paraphrase a famous Mormon scripture, human beings exist that we might have joy. Doesn’t the LDS Church exist for the same purpose?
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Three Great Mormon Posts This Week

In this season of "Mormon Moment" fatigue there are some real gems amidst the noise. Here are my top three posts and articles from this past week, from the political (will African-American Mormons go for Romney or Obama?) to the theological (what enables agape love?)
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When Even Garry Wills Gets It Wrong About Mormonism

Garry Wills would be the first to denounce the folly of a scholar or reporter who wrote about Roman Catholicism by asking an undergraduate student about its beliefs without consulting Catholic scholars, texts, or history. Why, then, does he feel free to discuss Mormonism without the same respect?
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Mormon Women Who Struggle to Stay

I'm part of a new two-hour Mormon Matters podcast (also featuring Claudia Bushman, Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, and Chelsea Fife Robarge) on what "Middle-Way Mormonism" means for women. How can women navigate a middle path that allows them to stay in the church while also acknowledging their doubts and objections with integrity?
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Carol Howard Merritt on Thriving Mainline Congregations

Sure, there are doom-and-gloom scenarios for the alleged decline of mainline Protestantism. But writer and pastor Carol Howard Merritt has revitalized several struggling congregations. “When you’re a solo pastor in a small congregation, pretty much what you have to offer is your time,” she tells RNS.
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Zechariah on Zoloft

Poor Zechariah. Not only do we ignore his prophecies almost completely, but the guy was clearly bipolar and could've benefited from some modern meds.
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Ed Harris Reads “Mormonism for Dummies” to Prep for New Role

I was tickled to learn today that actor Ed Harris read and liked "Mormonism for Dummies" as he prepared for his new role as a Mormon politician.  However, the fact that Harris thought the book was co-authored by ex-Mormons tells us something about the stereotypes that many people still hold about Latter-day Saints.
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