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AAR/SBL Conventioneering

This weekend when I got into an elevator at a convention hotel, one of the four guys already inside was whistling. It was a bit annoying. "Stop whistling," one of his friends said. "He's not whistling," said another friend. "He's just doing natural theology." I am definitely at the AAR, I thought.
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Mormonism’s Beautiful Vision

The new Mormon Matters podcast features Fiona Givens talking about The God Who Weeps: How Mormonism Makes Sense of Life, the book she's written with her husband Terryl Givens. Joanna Brooks and I sing an enthusiastic backup.
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10 Gratitude Lessons I Learned from My Dog

As I head into the Thanksgiving season, I am, like many people, trying to cultivate the value of gratitude. The problem is that Thanksgiving is arriving at an inconvenient time this year when a lot of things seem to be going wrong with health, finances, blah blah . . . I won't bore you with details. But when it's a challenge to be thankful, I turn to the most thankful person I know. Who is not actually a person.
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Anti-Mormon (and Mormon) Trolls

In the weeks leading up to the 2012 election, a flurry of strong, balanced media articles explored Mormonism and its role in American life. It’s become clear to me that most journalists are committed to understanding more about the Mormon faith and its people. However, I'm not so sanguine about the trolls who like to comment.
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There’s a Polar Bear in My Freezer

"You have a polar bear in your freezer!" my friend exclaimed as she searched for the ice cream. "Why would you put a polar bear in the freezer?" Well, it's a long story, but the basic point is this: Out of all the possible homes for that stuffed Coca-Cola polar bear in our house, the freezer is where he feels happiest and most himself. Which is exactly what home is supposed to be.
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My Gay Agenda

Tuesday's election was historic not because of who was or was not elected president -- however important that contest may have been -- but because it showed that our nation has crossed a threshold in accepting LGBTQ people as equals. I am thrilled. Consider the results:

    Voters app...

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Whatever Happens in the Election Today…

Many people are saying that this year's election has been the most contentious and polarizing in American history. (They obviously don't read American history.) One thing is certain: tomorrow, one way or the other, we will wake up to a robust and enduring democracy.
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My Doctor Went to Heaven and All I Got Was This Riveting NDE Book

In 2008, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander suffered a case of bacterial meningitis, a disease seen in only one in ten million adults each year. Rarer still is that he survived with no neurological deficit. And rarer than that is that he claims that during his comatose week with no brain activity, his soul was getting a personal tour of heaven.
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What Do Mormons Pick and Choose from the Bible?

Last weekend I gave a "Mormonism 101" talk at a local Protestant congregation. The audience was warm and welcoming, with the exception of one woman (who was not a member of the congregation, but a local who seems to enjoy debating Mormons). She had several questions, one of which seemed...
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Twilight: Antifeminist Eye Candy or Unexpected Source of Female Empowerment?

Maybe you don’t think of “Twilight” and “important” in the same sentence. But according to Tanya Erzen’s new book Fanpire: The Twilight Saga and the Women Who Love It, maybe you should.
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