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Is pistol whipping nuns funny?

Iowa congressman Tom Latham seemed to think so, as the House Republican reacted with a laugh and a quip on Monday morning when he and conservative radio show host Jan Mickelson were discussing the Ryan budget and the "Nuns on the Bus" tour that is highlighting the gap between the GOP plans and Catholic teaching:

MICKELSON: There’s a bus full of nuns headed towards Washington to lobby against the Ryan plan. Do you guys, do you have any power to pull the Nuns on the Bus over and pistol whip them?

LATHAM: It’s always fun to be on your show. [Laughs]

Har har.

Faith in Public Life has the exchange (H/T NCR). Audio below.

Okay, so pistol whipping isn't exactly a "war" on women. More like a police action. But this probably isn't the kind of rhetoric the Republicans need at this point.

Or maybe the sisters need to pack heat?

Topics: Politics, Election
Beliefs: Christian - Catholic
Tags: catholic church, nuns, republicans, ryan budget, social justice, tom latham


  1. yes it is funny the way Tom Lathum meant it . And yes one who wanted to could easly become huffy and offended.

    but lets have “nun"of that ..

  2. I just wanted to also say if Tom Lathum was a roman catholic instead of a conservative Lutheran I DOUBT IF
    David Gibson WOULD HAVE ASKED such a see through question..

  3. So what’s your point, David Gibson?  Not knowing your politics, which I sense are deep, I can’t tell whether your bashing the Republicans, Tom Latham, Jan Mickelson, or the nuns.  Please elaborate.  By the way….have you ever written anything in love, just love.

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