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To fight hatred, we need…The Beatles (and love)

Love may not be all we need. But we cannot get to where we need to get without love. We need love.
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Here in Connecticut

It's not been so different from other parts of the country these past few days in Connecticut. We've followed the story on screens, talked about it among ourselves, said the things that everybody's saying. But geography alters the point of view.
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Where is God in a time of tragedy?  A religious response to Sandy Hook

Where is God in the midst of tragedies that defy all reason?   And where do we stand?
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Orthodox child abuse

On Monday, the Rabbinical Council of America applauded the conviction of a leader of the Satmar Hasidic sect for sexually molesting an adolescent girl.
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What if HSBC had been Muslim?  A two-tiered justice system bought and sold

HSBC had to say, literally: ““We have said we are profoundly sorry for them, and we do so again.”   Say you are sorry, pay a billion or two, and get out of jail.    I wonder if others, specifically Muslim charities, were ever given this option. 
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Religious freedom: Not just for the religious

As the United States celebrates its own human rights day on on Dec. 15, it's worth recalling what is often forgotten or overlooked: The first freedom protected by the First Amendment is a universal right for people of all faiths – and none. By Charles Haynes  
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When should religions adapt?

Not surprisingly, there's been some push-back to my suggestion a few days ago that religious conservatives would do well to adapt to increasing social acceptance of same-sex marriage.
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When It’s Not the Hap, Happiest Season of All

Because of a family illness, I need to take a break from blogging. I hope to be back to writing in January, and I wish you all . . . not a merry Christmas, exactly, but a deep joy no matter what your life feels like right now.
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All clergy abuse cover-ups are not the same

From one religious body to another, there's a horrible sameness about the sexual abuse of children by those charged with their moral and spiritual development. The differences come in the institutions and communities, and how they deal with the abusers and their victims.
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Betraying a Nobel Vision:  How the Nobel Peace Prize Became a Joke

When the EU, whose members are a leading worldwide exporter of military merchandise, is honored as the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, it does more than turn the Nobel Peace Prize into a joke.   It represents a betrayal, and an inversion, of Alfred Nobel’s beautiful dream.
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