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When you align your business or organization with us, you are demonstrating your support for civic engagement and discourse on religion.

For 78 years, Religion News Service has provided balanced, in-depth coverage of religion, spirituality and ideas. Monday through Friday, we offer a range of stories, blogs, commentary and multimedia for people who care about religion, faith and public life. Many of our stories are reprinted in other publications.

RNS does not endorse or promote any particular religion, creed or set of beliefs or non-beliefs.

We offer different partnership levels with sponsorship opportunities on multiple platforms, including the website and email blasts. Our clean design automatically adapts to phones, tablets, desktops and beyond. As a result,  the display of your message is optimized for whatever device your audience uses to view our site.

For information about advertising with RNS, please contact Wendy Gustofson at, or call 573–884–4044.

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“When you want to reach religion reporters and communicators, think about Religion News Service web advertising. We promoted our St. Francis Day in a Box campaign on RNS and received a lot of traffic to our site. It was very little money for a successful impact. We will use RNS again.” — Karen L. Allanach, Associate Director of Faith Outreach, The Humane Society of the United States

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