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Mark Silk graduated from Harvard College in 1972 and earned his Ph.D. in medieval history from Harvard University in 1982. After teaching at Harvard in the Department of History and Literature for three years, he became editor of the Boston Review.

In 1987 he joined the staff of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where he worked variously as a reporter, editorial writer and columnist.

In 1996 he became the founding director of the Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life at Trinity College and in 1998 founding editor of Religion in the News, a magazine published by the Center that examines how the news media handle religious subject matter. In 2005, he was named director of the Trinity College Program on Public Values, comprising both the Greenberg Center and a new Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture directed by Barry Kosmin. In 2007, he became Professor of Religion in Public Life at the College.

Professor Silk is the author of "Spiritual Politics: Religion and America Since World War II" and "Unsecular Media: Making News of Religion in America." He is co-editor of "Religion by Region," an eight-volume series on religion and public life in the United States, and co-author of "The American Establishment," "Making Capitalism Work," and "One Nation Divisible: How Regional Religious Differences Shape American Politics." He inaugurated "Spiritual Politics" in 2007.

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Here in Connecticut

It's not been so different from other parts of the country these past few days in Connecticut. We've followed the story on screens, talked about it among ourselves, said the things that everybody's saying. But geography alters the point of view.
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Orthodox child abuse

On Monday, the Rabbinical Council of America applauded the conviction of a leader of the Satmar Hasidic sect for sexually molesting an adolescent girl.
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When should religions adapt?

Not surprisingly, there's been some push-back to my suggestion a few days ago that religious conservatives would do well to adapt to increasing social acceptance of same-sex marriage.
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All clergy abuse cover-ups are not the same

From one religious body to another, there's a horrible sameness about the sexual abuse of children by those charged with their moral and spiritual development. The differences come in the institutions and communities, and how they deal with the abusers and their victims.
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Same-sex marriage to religion: Adapt or else

As the Supreme Court turns to same-sex marriage in the wake of popular approval in three states last month, the religious opposition is beginning to adjust to American society's accelerating acceptance of full civic equality for gays and lesbians.  The LDS Church, which went all out in...
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“Drill, baby, drill,” saith the Lord

Is Christianity responsible for the ecological crisis of our time? Back in 1967, when the environmental movement was in its salad days, the medieval historian Lynn White said yes.
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The Creation of Rubio

I for one am glad that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Earth) has clarified his position on the age of the planet.
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The Paranoia of the Republican Party

Credit for the Senate's rejection of the U.N. Disabilities Treaty yesterday belongs to the Values Wing of the Republican Party, which mounted a vigorous campaign against it.
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Donohue repeats his “no porn” exoneration of Finn

"I know it when I see it," Justice Potter Stewart famously wrote in a 1964 pornography case. Evidently, Bill Donohue doesn't.
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The nations of Abraham

Is there an Abrahamic solution to the travails of Israel-Palestine?
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