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David Gibson is an award-winning religion journalist, author, filmmaker, and a convert to Catholicism. He came by all those vocations by accident, or Providence, during a longer-than-expected sojourn in Rome in the 1980s.

Gibson began his journalistic career as a walk-on sports editor and columnist at The International Courier, a tiny daily in Rome serving Italy's English-language community. He then found work as a newscaster across the Tiber at Vatican Radio, an entity he sees as a cross between NPR and Armed Forces Radio for the pope. The Jesuits who ran the radio were charitable enough to hire Gibson even though he had no radio background, could not pronounce the name "Karol Wojtyla" (go ahead -- try it) and wasn't Catholic --- at the time.

When Gibson returned to the United States in 1990 he returned to print journalism to cover the religion beat in his native New Jersey for two dailies and to write for leading magazines and newspapers in the New York area. Among other journalism prizes, Gibson has won the Templeton Religion Reporter of the Year Award, the top honor for journalists covering religion in the secular press, and has twice won the top prize writing on religion from the American Academy of Religion.

Gibson currently writes for Religion News Service and until recently was covering the religion beat for AOL's Politics Daily. He blogs at Commonweal magazine, and has written two books on Catholic topics, the latest a biography of Pope Benedict XVI. He would like to write another -- but can’t seem to find the time.

He has co-written documentaries on early Christian and Jewish history for CNN, and recently worked on a March 2011 History Channel special on the Vatican. He currently has several other film projects in development. Gibson has written for leading newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, Boston magazine, Fortune, Commonweal, America and, yes, The Ladies Home Journal.

Gibson is a longtime member of the Religion Newswriters Association.  He and his wife and daughter live in Brooklyn.

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Catholics like their Bishops, love their Nuns

The U.S. Catholic bishops are showing strong approval ratings, so they can take that as consolation after their Election Day setbacks. Then again, the nuns are still way more popular. So it goes.
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Cardinal Dolan congratulates President Obama; Pope sends best wishes and prayers

In what could signal a marked change of tone following a bruising campaign struggle beween the Catholic hierarchy and the Obama administration, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has sent President Obama a message congratulating him on his reelection. 
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Tweet of the Day: Nov. 6, 2012

If you can wait in line for hours on Chick-fil-A Day, you can definitely stand the cold for a couple hours when it matters #RomneyRyanFTW — Josh M Shepherd (@joshmshep)
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Newsflash: Mrs. Christ tells all!

Her name is Melissa -- Melissa Christ. They met at a Young Hebrews mixer in Bethlehem. Really. The New Yorker's Paul Rudnick has the scoop.
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Colbert and the Cardinal: Now THAT’S funny!

(RNS) Does this logo for next week's panel with Stephen Colbert and Cardinal Dolan on faith and humor do them justice? Amen, I say. I mean, what are caricatures for?
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‘Catholics for Obama’ aims to draw key voting bloc

(RNS) The Obama campaign on Monday unveiled its "Catholics for Obama" team for 2012 in an effort to burnish its credentials with a key voting bloc whose leaders have increasingly voiced their opposition to the administration over issues like gay marriage and abortion rights.  
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Satan versus Gun Control. Faith versus Works?

Was Christianity Today's Mark Galli right about the Colorado shooting? And is the post-Aurora massacre debate a replay of the faith-or-works argument?
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Tired of all those weddings?

Here’s an antidote for "marriage fatigue" -- Michael Kelly writes about his daughter’s wedding — a decade after Bridget Kelly was nearly murdered. Just read it.
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Joe Biden loves the nuns, too! (And he brings ice cream)

Political campaigns are all about generating publicity and public support, but Vice-President Biden seems to have upended conventional wisdom by making an under-the-radar visit to the motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Francis in Dubuque during a two-day campaign trip to Iowa last week.
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Is pistol whipping nuns funny?

Iowa congressman Tom Latham seemed to think so, as the House Republican laughed when a conservative talk radio show host wondered how best to deal with the "Nuns on the Bus" tour.
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