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Transgender Mormons struggle to feel at home in their bodies and their religion

SALT LAKE CITY – Sixteen-year-old Grayson Moore had no label, only metaphors, to describe the disconnect he felt between his body and soul. It was like car sickness, he says, when your eyes and inner ears disagree about whether you are moving. “It makes you sick,” Moore…

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The Egg-‘Splainer: What is Holy Week and Easter all about?

(RNS) This is Holy Week, the most sacred time of year for Christians. It is the time they mark the betrayal, trial and crucifixion of Jesus, and a week that culminates in Easter Sunday, the day Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead. So what do colored eggs have to do w…

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Is the US a model of interfaith harmony for a violent world?

NEW YORK (RNS) Is religion the cause of so much of the violence racking today’s world? Or is faith just one of many factors? Or collateral damage? Those are tough questions, the kind that are usually posed to religious leaders, not by religious leaders. But Cardinal Timo…

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#blacklivesmatter in Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s ‘A.D.’ series

WASHINGTON (RNS) When “The Bible” miniseries premiered two years ago, controversy swirled around its depiction of a dark-skinned Satan who some said resembled President Obama, as well as its portrayal of white main characters in the Moroccan landscape. Fast-forward to the…

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Can a Muslim president defeat Boko Haram? Nigerians are betting on it

(RNS) A northern Nigeria Muslim leader who promised to pursue a nonreligious agenda as president will now have to deal with an Islamic terrorist insurgency that has wreaked chaos in the country’s north. Muhammadu Buhari, 72, a former military ruler and a Muslim, beat incum…

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