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Protestant and Jewish leaders try to mend rift

(RNS) Prominent mainline Protestant and Jewish leaders are trying to revive an interfaith group that dissolved 18 months ago over a letter the Protestants wrote to Congress about Israel.     The Christian-Jewish Roundtable was founded about a decade ago to deepen understand…

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FACT BOX: Everything you need to know about popes and saints

Eds: See related mainbar, RNS-POPES-SAINTS, also transmitted April 23 (RNS) Popes John XXIII and John Paul II will be declared saints on Sunday (April 27), the first-ever double papal canonization. Here's a quick guide to making saints in the Roman Catholic Church:      *…

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Suit makes Georgia the last in South to face gay-marriage ban challenge

Eds: A version of this story originally appeared in USA Today. It is available for use by RNS subscribers. Please use the USA Today byline. ATLANTA (RNS) Seven people filed a federal class-action lawsuit Tuesday (April 22) challenging Georgia's ban on same-sex marriage.  …

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ANALYSIS: Does being pope give you an inside track to sainthood?

(RNS) When Pope Francis canonizes Popes John XXIII and John Paul II on Sunday (April 27), Catholics across the spectrum will have reason to cheer: Liberals credit John with opening the church to the modern world in the 1960s, and conservatives hail John Paul as reasserting o…

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COMMENTARY: Can there be a rational compromise on the Pledge of Allegiance?

(RNS) Yet another Pledge of Allegiance lawsuit has been filed, this time with New Jersey humanists challenging the requirement that each school day begin with recitation of the pledge describing the United States as one nation, ``under God.''     This case joins a bevy of p…

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